“Special Needs” is a very broad term describing a fairly wide array of issues that some children may face, ranging from mild learning disabilities, more profound cognitive impairment, developmental delays (which may get corrected quickly later or remain entrenched) or even may refer to children with anxiety and occasional panic attacks or serious psychiatric problems. The key point however is that though special needs is a broad term, each family’s situation can be unique.

These are commonly defined by what a child can’t do in terms of unmet milestones, restricted or banned foods, activities to be avoided or experiences to be denied.

Just as no two people are born to be the same even among normal humans, likewise in the case of families with special needs kids, each family may have different anxieties, depending on the issues that confront them.

Parents of such kids however share some common concerns, which may include getting appropriate care and promoting acceptance at school and the community, planning for an uncertain future or adjusting to routines and expectations.

Parents of kids with special needs are however more flexible, compassionate and resilient and realise that it is important for the sake of their child, to do their very best and leave no stones unturned. Such parents however can take comfort in the fact that they are not alone and can reach out for support, which will always be there for them.

This site has been created specially for kids with special needs, offers products which are of relevance and aid such children as they address their challenges. Whilst initially being launched to offer a few products, it is a scalable venture, with lots more products and services, so do stay tuned and keep visiting us.

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